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The First Declension of Nouns.

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  • To the first declension belong all nouns ending in -as, -is (gen. -io), -ys.
    They are all masculine nouns: namas 'house', brolis 'brother', arklys 'horse'.

    ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________
    N. namas -as brolis -is arklys -ys
    G. namo -o brolio -io arklio -io
    D. namui -ui broliui -iui arkliui -iui
    A. nama -a broli -i arkli -i
    I. namu -u broliu -iu arkliu -iu
    L. name! -e brolyje -yje arklyje -yje
    V. name! -e broli! -i arkly! -y

    N B. The stress pattern varies: sometimes it remains on the same
    syllable throughout singular and plural, sometimes it varies greatly.
    For a brief explanation, see Lesson 5; for a full and detailed explanation
    see Appendix, paragraph 51.[having a text is most beneficial]

    Second Declension of Nouns.

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    To this declension belong feminine nouns which end in-a, -e and -i:
    diena 'day', gatve 'street', marti 'daughter-in-law'.*

    ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________
    N. diena -a gatve -e marti -i
    G. dienos -os gatves -es marčios -ios
    D. dienai -ai gatvei -ei marčiai -iai
    A. diena -a gatve -e marčia -ia
    I. diena -a gatve -e marčia -ia
    L. dienoje -oje gatveje -eje marčioje -ioje
    V. diena! -a gatve! -e marti! -i

    N.B. Whenever a combination of -tia, -tiq [a nosine], -tio, -tin, -tiu, should occur,
    then t becomes >č, tia>čia, -tio>čio; -tiu>čio, -tiu.>čiu.

    * There are only two nouns ending in -i: marti 'daughter-in-law' and pati ' wife '.



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