Antrojioji pamoka

Lesson 2


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    1. Kur yra paštas? — Where is the post office?
    2. Kur yra telefonas? — Where is the telephone?
    3. Kur yra stotis? — Where is the station?
    4. Stotis yra miesto centre. — The station is in the center cf town.
    5. I dešine. I kaire. — To the right. To the left.
    6. Antrame aukšte. — On the second floor.
    7. Ar čia gyvena ponas Valys? — Does Mr. Valys live here*
    8. Kaip man nuvažiuoti i stoti? — How do I get to the station."
    9. Ar jus mane suprantate? — Do you understand me?
    10. Prašau kalbeti pamažu. — Please speak slowly.

    3. stois actually means any kind of a station: RR, bus station; but it Is
    used in the cities primarily for a RR station.
    6. antrame aukšte is a locative case. See Lesson 3.



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