Šeštadieninė Mokykla -Saturday School

Pirmoji pamoka

Lesson 1



English Lietuviškai
1. Labas rytas( Laba ryta) Good morning!
2. Laba diena ( Laba, diena) Good day!
3. Labas vakaras ( Laba vakara) Good evening!
4. Kaip gyvuojate? How are you? (Plural, politely)
5. Kaip gyvuoji? How are you? (Familiar)
6. Ačiu, gerai. O kaip jus? Fine, thank you. And you?
7. Ar jus esate ponas Valys? Are you Mr. Valys?
8. Ne, aš esu Valaitis, Petras Valaitis. No, I am Valaitis, Petras Valaitis.
9. Jus esate studentas? Are you a student?
10. Taip, aš esu studentas. Yes, I am a student.
Learn these sentences by heart! Do not try to figure out what the separate words mean: learn the whole phrase by heart.
NOTES: Labas rytas is used until about 10 AM. From then, until about 6-8 PM., depending on the time of the year: Laba diena! After that:
Labas vakaras
One never uses these expressions on taking leave. Labas! alone can be used as a short 'Hello!', 'Hi!' at any time of the day.



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