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DuTwoTubes Our Media Projects
Sharing our media efforts with the Internet
From humble beginings our effort has grown one step at a time
Promoting Lithuania and Lietuvybe and sharing what we do
It all started before YouTube and now DuTwoTubes
"Du" means "Two" in Lithuanian
Not just visual but also audio, Video and Radio

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  • TLTV - THE LITHUANIANS THE MOVIE - A musical slide show

  • Velykos - Easter The Lithuanian Easter and some of the cultural tradition

  • Vilnius Streets A musical tour of the Roofs and Streets of Vilnius

  • KAZIUKO MUGE - ST KASIMERAS FAIR March 7, 2009 - Straight from Vilnius, Today

  • TLTV - The Lithuanians Voice Our Radio Broadcast in a new easy format. Bringing you Lietuvybe

  • LABAS RYTAS - GOOD MORNING Our Salute / Sveikinimai to the Morning Show from Vilnius

  • Palanga a musical tour at the Lithuania's Baltic shore

  • Virgis Stakenas - mažas žmogus / The common man Vaistai Nuo Senatves - Fountain of Youth

  • Šiauliai, Lithuania a Winter Serenade

  • The DixXBand Welcome you to Kaunas, Lithuania with a Thousand Little Steps

  • Margučiai Traditional colored eggs. Many are wooden for Easter and a few for Christmas, but year round

    Lithuanian Radio Broadcasts

    Our own radio broadcasts

    |Zinios-News| Kinas-Movies | Renginiai-Events | Laidos-Programs | . There is also a huge selection of Radio broadcasts in our Member Area archive. For more information click on the MEMBER tab.

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