Lithuanian First Names
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  • Adelė [POST 105] (2)from Germanic, short form Ada,Adė: dialect Adulia Southern Aukštaičių [Dzukų], Adutė Eastern Aukštaičių, Adušė Western Lithuania [Mažosios Lietuvos]; church Latin Adela from German Adela, Adele which is from the Germanic Adelheid - "noble disposition" olden times German Aukstaičių adal "of high descent, noble" + heit "temperment, disposition." See additional historical comment on Post 105
  • Adelina [POST 105] (2) Latenized Germanic, short form Ada; from Latinized Germanic Adelina, with the suffix -ina is a derivative from Adela, see Adelë. See additional historical comment at post 105
  • Adomas [POST 254} Adomas (2) from the Hebrew, short form Adas: dialect Adomis, Adis, Domė Western Žemaičių, Adasius Southeren Auskštaičių [Dzūkų]; from Latinized Adamus, which is from Hebrew Adam: Hebrew word adam means "žmogus" [man]
  • Adrijonas [POST 201] (2) From Latin, short form Adrijus, Adrius; from the Latin Adrianus, Hadrianus - "adreijietis, Adrios miesto [Italijoje], gyventojas." Adrarian, resident of the town of Adrios [ Hadria, Italy]
  • Albina [POST 129] (2) from Latin, short form Alba, Albė; dialect Albinė, Albė Western Lithuania (Mažosios Lietuvos), Western Žemaičių; Elbė Southern Žemaičių [Northwestern Dūnininkų]; from Latin Albina, which is from the male name Albinus, see Albinas
  • Albinas [POST 129] (2) from Latin, short form Albas; dialect Albinas Eastern and Western Auskštaičių, Albynas,Elbas, Elbys Western Lithuania (Mažosios Lietuvos), Elbinas Western Aukštaičių, Elbynas Žemaičių (Laukuva), Alba, Albė, Albis Western Aukštaičių (Jurbarkas), Albė, Albis Southern Žemaičių; from the Latin Albinus: Latin word albus "baltas; skaistus" [white;bright] see FOOTNOTES at Post 129
  • Albutas [POST 386] (1) from Lithuanian, shortform Albas: al- (Lithuanian al-iai; aliiai vienas :kiekvienas" / each,every, comperable to Greek allos "kitas" / other, Gothic alija "kitas" / other) but- (: Lithuanian but-as; buti / to be , exist)
  • Aldona [POST #8] short form Alda,Aldė; Aldona eastern Aukštaičių, Aldonė N.Aukštaičių,Aldonė Northern Aukštaičių (Žeimelis, Aldonė Southern Aukštaičių (Dzūkų).
  • Alfonsas [POST107] (1) from Germanic, short form Alfas; Dialect Alponsas Western Aukštaičių, Alponas, Apla Eastern Aukštaičių, Alfa, Alposius Western Auakštaičių [Jurbarkas], Alpionas, Alpinas Western Žemaičių, Alpis Southern Žemaičių Alponsas, Al'pus Southern Aukštaičių [Dzūkų], Elponsas, Elpis Southern Žemaičių [Northwesten Dūnininkų]; church Latin Alfonsus, Alphonsus through Spanish and Italian Alfonso from Germanic Adalfuns : olden times German Aukštaičių adal "kilmingas, kilnus" [ of high descent, noble] + funs " hot, quick tempered (pugnacious). See POST 107 for additional history.

  • Alfredas [POST 311] From Germanic, short form Alfas, Fredas; dialect Alpredas, Elpredas Southern Žemaičių, Alfridas, Alpridas Western Žemaičių Church Latin Alfredus, Alfridus through the Anglo Saxon branch Alfred from old Germanic Alfrad - "geras patarėjas" [good adviser]: alf- "elfas" [mytical germanic creature] + rad "patarimas" [advice].
  • Algimantas [POST 149] (1) From Lithuanian, short form Algis; dialect short form Algimas Southern Žemaičių [Northwestern Dūnininkų], Algis; algi (: Lithuanian word alga [wages] "atpilda, atlyginimas" [retribution, reward], Prussian algas [same meaning] + mant- (:Lithuanian mantus "sumanus" [intelligent], manta "turtas" [riches, wealth]
  • Algirdas [POST 29] Lithuanian, short form Algis; Elgirdas southern Žemaičių (North western duūininkų): al [see Albutas] + gird- (Lithuanian girdeti -hear; "žina, gandas" "news, rumor"
  • Algis (2) [POST 148] (2) From Lithuanian, short form from first names begining with Al-g, Alg: [see] Algirdas, Algimantas and others.
  • Algis* (1) [POST 148] (1) From Lithuanian; from the mythological name Algis - god's messenger,herald
  • Alicija [Post 102] (1) from French, Short form Alė Church Latin Alicia from French Alice, which is the short form of the names Alexandra and Elisabeth
  • Alvydas [POST 386] Lithuanianized Prussian, shortform Alvys, Alvis; al- (see Albutas) + vyd (:Prussian widdai Lithuanian "mate" / seen, Lithuanian išvydo / from inside)
  • Amalija [POST #2] From German, vaiation Amelija / short form Amalė, Ameleė
  • Angelė [POST 58] (2) from Greek, short form Anė, Gėlė from the male Angelus, see Angelius.
  • Angelius [POST 58] (2) from Greek, version Angelas (1) olden times Aniolas , short form Anys, Gelius ; from the Latinized Greek Angelus: Greek word angelos "lecturer; speaker; reporter; herald"
  • Antanas [POST 222] (2) from Latin, short form Antas, Tanas, Tanius; dialect Antonas, Antanis Antė, Tonis Žemaičių, Antokas Eastern Aukštaičių through Eastern Slavic Anton from Latin Antonius, which is related to Old Romanian name Antius
  • Anupras[POST 344] (2) from Egyptian, short form Anys; Dialect Anupris Southern Žemaičių it is from Latinized Egyptian Onuphrius - "šventasis jautis" [sacred or holly ox (bullock)].
  • Apolinaras [POST 86] (2)from Latin, olden times variation Apolinarijus, short form Polinaras,Apolis, Polis; dialect Apalinaras,Palys, Palius Eastern Auskštaičių, Palis Žemaičių from Latin Apollinaris "apoloniškas", which is from mithology's name, Apollo" [genative Apollinis] - Apolonas, Roman and Greek sun god, guardian of the arts. More data - see Post 86
  • Apolinarija [POST 86] (1) from Latin, short form Apolinara, Polina, Apolė, Polė from Latin Apollinaria which is from the Latin male Apollinaris, see Apolinaras
  • Apolonija [POST 85] (1)from Latin, short form Apolė, Polina, Polė dialect Apolionija, Apalonija Palionija, Palionia, Paliutė, Paliusė,Palia, Palė Eastern Aukštaičių, Palionė, Pelionė, Paliunė, Palė Žemaičių from latin Apollonia, which is from the male Apollonius, see Apolonijus.
  • Apolonijus [POST 85] (1)from Latin, short form Apolis, Polis; from Latin Apollonius "Apolono, priklausantis Apolonui "Belonging to Apollo, of Apollo"
  • Arūnas [POST ] (1) Lithuanian, short form Aras;suffix -ūnas derivative from Lithuanian words aras [land measurement - 100 square meters ] "erelis" [eagle], comparable to the surname Arūnas.
  • Asterijus [New Entry 20090420] From Greek, short form Asteras:from Latinized Greek Asterius: Greek asterios: Greek word asterios "žvaigždžių, žvaigždiškas" stars, stellar
  • Astijus [New Entry 20090420] From Greek, short form Astas: from Latinized Greek Astius: Greek word asty means "miestas" city, town
  • Augustas (2) [POST 353] from Latin, short form Augys, Gustas, Gustis; dialect Augustas, Augustis Žemaičių Augustis Southern Žemaičių (north western Dunininkai), Augustas Eastern Aukštaičių from the Latin Name Augustus: Latin word augustas,,didžiai garbingas, didingas" [very honorable, grand]
  • Augustinas (2) [POST 353] from latin, short form Augustas, Gustis; dialect Austynas western Lithuania [Mažosios Lietuvos]; from Latin Augustinus, with the suffix -inius derived from Augustus, see Augustas
  • Auksė [POST 48] Lithuanian; Dialect Auksė, Auksa Eastern Aukštaičių [Laičiai]; auksas means gold in English; translated from the Latin Aurelia, see Aurelija, which is from the male Aurelius, see Aurelijus.

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