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Silke - Herring Lithuanian Christmas Eve Appetizer
The simplest recipe for making a BASIC recipe for Silke Herring Lithuanian Christmas Eve Appetizer. Kucios is the Christmas Eve celebration by Lithuanians. The recipe is in its most basic form for making Silke Herring. No Cooking. Pickled Herring "VITA" brand found in many grocery stores cut in half or thirds. Place Silke Herring in a bowel and add a dash of Ketchup [or tomato sauce] and mix. Slice onion then cut in half, saute in canola oil until onion turns yellow - then cool. Add the cooled onion to the Silke Herring and Ketchup. Adjust the Ketchup to taste. This was a 2 pound bottle of herring - another onion was caramelized and added to the recipe.

Naturally, you may come across numerous traditional variations depending on the Lithuanian Ethnic Region and the preparers talent at making it unique. But, the Kucios tradition includes Silke Herring.

NOTE: Pickled Herring is no longer available as it used to be. Years ago 1/2 kegs were available in many cities all over the USA. Deli's used to carry them, but very few do today. VITA is the only brand I have found in smaller quantities 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz jars [BJ's] are available in many supermarkets or club stores. Finding their location in the store is not always easy - but search for the pickled Herring - or last resort ask someone.

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